RFID Paper ready-to-print material with embedded NFC chips

Enhance your product portfolio with interactive products and boost your profits

No extra investments

Use your existing printing and finishing equipment

Ready to use solutions

RFID enabled paper for interactive printed products

Worldwide delivery

Always in stock. Door-to door 10 days delivery

With RFID Paper you can print smart and interactive products today

Buy Smart Paper

Choose RFID Paper from the variety of substrates, chips and layouts

Print and process

Produce smart interactive products on your existing machinery


Complete finishing of the end products as usual

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What are the smart and interactive products that can be printed on RFID Paper?

Business cards

Share your contacts within a second

Greeting cards

Add a video to your greeting card to make it interactive

Interactive games

Get fun with interactive games. You can create your own game

Conference badges

Get access and share your contacts at professional events


Contactless and quick way to serve clients

Bottle neck labels

Tell a story of the wine, or recommend appetizers


Get an access to events, collect bonuses or share contacts

Certificates and diplomas

Get validation of sensitive and security documents

How to earn more with smart paper in printing industry

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How to start using RFID Paper?

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Is RFID Paper sustainable?

What are the layouts of the RFID antennas?

Can RFID Paper be customized?

What printers is RFID Paper compatible with?

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Does the price depend on the order quantity?

Does the price of RFID Paper include delivery cost?

Are there any RFID Paper distributors around the world?