ISBC RFID Paper news

Educational Demo packs as a guide to the RFID market

The ISBC Group is the first supplier of RFID paper suitable for digital printing and certified for the HP INDIGO.
We developed three types of special DEMO packs to enter the RFID technology market. They were created to study the RFID paper product from different technological aspects and according to different applications.
The first pack is the SAMPLE PACK:  a small pack of demo samples, including 20 sheets with a certain microchip. It is suitable for companies that already know what product will be produced based on a certain microchip. Finished products from RFID  paper and training materials are also presented.
The second pack is the SMART TYPOGRAPHY PACK - it was created specifically for printing houses and enables the introduction of NFC technology into already familiar printing products. This pack consists of RFID Paper sheets with  NTAG microchips. This allows you to encode and collect information from the tag using a simple device like a mobile phone.
What can be created from a pack like this? Here are just a few examples:
1. NFC business cards (encoded card with business data)
2. NFC Invitations and postcards (encode a link with a video for example)
3. Badges for events (encoded data about a person or to share wi-fi)
4. NFC certificates and diplomas (encode document authenticity)
5. Wristbands with NFC for events.
The third pack is the PROFESSIONAL PACK - a collection of all possible microchips and layouts. This will allow you to evaluate all the facets of the product. This pack is suitable for professional players in the RFID market and for those who already use this technology and want to replace the current material with paper.
Do not be afraid to experiment even in the most difficult times.
Use the time to learn about a new product and be ready to enter a new market.

Stay safe, healthy and smart!