ISBC RFID Paper news

ISBC has become a member of the RAIN Alliance!

ISBC is RFID technology provider since 2002. We offer products and solutions in industries for various identities, such as People ID, Object ID, and Animals ID. We are NXP Advanced Mifare Partner. 
ISBC is a leading manufacturer of high-performance RFID products: 
  • Smart RFID printable paper 
  • Hard tags, labels, and paper tickets 
  • Inlays based on PVC, PET-G, and PC 
  • Cards and wearables 
  • Various access control devices and IoT hardware 
In-house research and development center focused on RFID technology to provide knowledge and support to system integrators for successful implementations of RFID and smart card solutions. 
Among the unique products invented & developed by ISBC: 
  • ISBC RFID PAPER – smart media (paper or synthetic) embedded with RFID (HF & UHF), super flat and double side printable by offset and Digital. First in the world certified by HP for HP Indigo usage. 
  • ISBC Tags Reflect xx – outdoor hard tags with the top line of ultimate 42m read range powered by NXP UCODE 8 
  • ISBC ePerso Station – RFID encoding equipment