ISBC RFID Paper news

How to use a pandemic to your advantage

At the moment, the unstable situation with COVID-19 has paralyzed many business processes.
 Many companies have lost the previous volumes of sales and shipments and their production capacities are not at 100%.
 Any crisis can be evaluated from different points of view. One possibility is to use the available resources to study new products and develop new areas of business.
 At the moment the ISBC Group  is introducing a completely finished innovative product to the market - ISBC ® RFID Paper that consists of classic paper sheets with RFID tags suitable for digital printing. This product is able to combine the printing market with RFID technology. The paper is elementary in its use and does not require additional investment in equipment. All that is needed is to put paper in a tray. Then print ready-made RFID products such as tags, NFC  business cards, transport cards, wristbands for events and much more.
The ISBC Group has 18 years of experience in RFID technology and will be happy to share it in training videos and online events. The processes of creating products from RFID paper will be described and demonstrated step by step.
The RFID market is one of the fastest growing in the world according to world statistics. Spend your time productively and join the creation of intellectual products now.

Stay safe, healthy and smart!