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Plastic cards vs paper cards. Replace material where it is possible and necessary

In the world right now there is a glut of plastic products. Plastic boxes, bags and other non-recyclable materials mercilessly clog the environment. The same can be said for the market issuing plastic cards. There are a huge number of plastic cards and tags that are only used once and then discarded without the possibility of recycling or reuse.
For a long time, there was no alternative to plastic cards. This is because of the difficulty in reproducing digital printing on various surfaces. ISBC has produced RFID material in paper sheets that allow you to create similar products. Products such as transport tickets, tags and business cards can now be made from a more environmentally friendly material – paper, without losing the products properties.
Let's see what products can now be replaced with paper material:
1.      Transport tickets.   In many countries tourists come and buy plastic transport cards that are used once or within a week and then they thrown away. Replacing these products with paper products can avoid the release of tons of plastic.
2.      Gift cards and gift certificates. Similarly to the first example, these products would be more appropriate if they were made out of paper because they are only used once.
3.      Ski passes and hotel cards. A huge number of ski resorts and hotels can also use paper products instead of plastic products without losing the necessary properties.
These are just a few examples. Other possible uses of paper products depend only on your imagination.

Stay safe, healthy and smart!