ISBC RFID Paper news

New substrate certified! ISBC RFID Paper Tyvek line

This spring we have completed all the tests with our partner HP and we are ready to present a new substrate ISBC ® RFID Paper Synthetic line based on Tyvek ® material by DuPont.
This substrate is thicker than the Coated line substrate (430 instead of 380 µm) and more lightweight (280 instead of 440 GSM). Thanks to the outstanding properties of Tyvek® this new Synthetic line substrate has excellent tear and puncture resistance, water resistance, it is strong, long lasting and has better paint adhesion during the printing process.
These superb characteristics allow to use this substrate for the production of many finished products such as NFC wristbands, NFC business cards, tickets, and ski-passes.

Stay safe, healthy and smart!