ISBC RFID Paper news

ISBC has developed paper materials suitable for digital printing with RFID components

Everyday we use contactless plastic cards for payment, access control systems, in transport systems and for many other purposes. RFID technologies occupy a huge range of the world market. Without them it is difficult to imagine the everyday life of an ordinary person. Mostly plastic is used because of the simplicity of the manufacturing process. Any RFID card is assembled on the basis of a sandwich principle: on the top and bottom we find a plastic coating suitable for printing. In the middle there is an inlay with a chip and antenna. The plastic card is thick enough to be flat. Using other materials, such as paper, causes some difficulties. The microchip itself has a certain thickness. When the layers are combined, the chip is usually visible as a bump. When digital printing is applied to a surface that isn't flat a defect appears as white dots.
The ISBC Group has been developing a completely new material for the last 3 years. It is ISBC ® RFID PAPER. Paper inlays with the RFID component inside are absolutely flat due to the compensation layer. There is no similar product on the global market. The paper received all the necessary HP certificates. This proves its printing compatibility with HP INDIGO 7xxx and 5xxx digital printers.
Digital printing allows you to create high-quality products without the loss of basic printing properties. Moreover, the RFID component opens up new possibilities for such products - encoded information inside each paper inlay.

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