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Frequently asked questions

What is ISBC RFID Paper?
The product consists of classic paper sheets with the SRA3+ format that is well known in the printing industry, inside of which RFID tags are placed in a certain sequence. The paper has a flat and smooth surface, which allows any printing house in the world to use standard offset and digital equipment to produce RFID products. Read more
What kinds of products can be produced with RFID Paper?
Transport tickets, loyalty and access cards, ski passes, NFC business cards and apparel hang tags, wristbands, posters, leaflets, brochures, badges, certificates and diplomas and many others. In our solution libraries you can find detailed instructions on how to produce different products. Find solution
How to start using ISBC RFID Paper
It's easy to start using ISBC RFID Paper. You don't need any extra investments in equipment. It can be used in the standard smart card manufacturing process.
ISBC RFID Paper is ready to be printed on by professional printing equipment (digital, offset etc.). It requires the same operation process as ordinary paper sheets in professional printing. Just put the sheets in the tray, change some settings according to the paper size and thickness and send the artwork to print.
What variants of substrate does ISBC RFID Paper have?
At the moment it is possible for us to supply plain paper (Coated line) and synthetic paper (Synthetic line based on Tyvek® by DuPont). If your company produces a popular substrate and your wish to add RFID to your product in collaboration with us, please feel free and write to us at sales@rfid-paper.com
What types of chips are used in ISBC RFID Paper?
ISBC RFID Paper is powered by NXP® chips : Mifare, Icode, Ucode, NTAG. Current chip product lines can cover more than 90% of customer applications and we keep enough in stock. We can develop custom products with other chips from other suppliers upon your request at sales@rfid-paper.com.
For what areas are various chips suitable?
Please see the application fields of each chip:
Mifare - public transport, loyalty cards, event ticketing, parking ticketing access cards
Icode - ski passes, access cards, library
Ntag - NFC business cards, apparel hang tags, brand protection, advanced consumer interaction
Ucode - apparel tags, inventory management, traceability
In our solution libraries you can find detailed instructions on how to produce different products
Right now in our ISBC RFID Paper products portfolio we have different antenna layout for different chip, please check it here.

Is ISBC RFID Paper eco-friendly?
Yes, it is eco-friendly.
In the production of ISBC RFID Paper, RoHS and green mark certified materials are used.
What are the layouts of the RFID antennas?
At the moment, we can offer 5 possible layouts of RFID antennas. You can find pdf files with layouts for your designer here
Which of the ISBC RFID Paper sheet features can be changed?
Any ISBC RFID Paper sheet option can be changed except the format size. It is SRA 3 + (325 х 480 mm) at the moment. Please find the part number list by clicking on the link datasheets.
Is it possible to change the location of the chips? Is it possible to create a customized layout?
It is possible to develop a personal arrangement of chips and antennas. Individual layouts are possible with a minimum order of 100k. In these cases the project price is negotiated separately.
Is ISBC RFID Paper suitable for printing on various types of digital and offset printers?
ISBC RFID Paper is certified for perfect use on the digital HP Indigo press 5ХХХ and 7ХХХ series.
It also can be used for various types of digital and offset printing.
What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
The MOQ is 100 sheets
Will the price change according to the order quantity?
The price depends on the order quantity
Is shipping cost included in the price of ISBC RFID Paper?
All our prices are EXW, shipping cost is not included and is calculated separately.
Are there any ISBC RFID Paper distributors around the world?
At the moment we are working with a number of companies around the world, please let us know where you are and we will select the distributor closest to you.
How to become a distributor of ISBC RFID Paper
Please see the list of conditions necessary for a distributor status. Do not hesitate to drop us a note via email: sales@rfid-paper.com
Ideas and use cases with ISBC RFID Paper