Contatless transport paper ticket
Typical use case of paper ticket production
ISBC manufacture
Transport paper ticket. Most common case.
1. Order ISBC RFID Paper with Mifare family IC and 24x antenna (check what kind of IC used in your project)
2. Collect UID numbers of Mifare IC from each paper sheet to the file (*.csv or similar)
3. Recommendation: put primer on paper for better pain athesion before printing or use UV varnish or BOPP lamination after printing to protect image on tickets from sratching
4. Print image. HP Indigo can print on booth side per one run. Here you can finde guidline for printing. If you need to print variable data (variable number, qr-code or barcode) you can do it in sheets using HP SmartStreamDesigner or card-by-card with inject or DOD printers.